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Our parent company are respected business consultants that have been operating for more than 10 years, They work closely with entrepreneurs, business start-ups, smaller businesses and business leaders - we will all be promoting the BeMyVA web site in our own day to day business activities - virtually free advertising for our members!

The owners of this web site are not Virtual Assistants and we promise that we will not occupy all the top search results!

The process for Virtual Assistants to apply to join the Be My VA Directory is quite simple - of course, the more detail our Virtual Assistant members provide the better chance our web site visitors and Virtual Assistants will have of being matched to a targeted search by our business and web site visitors.

Getting the best out of the Be My VA Directory - Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Within our unique 'clicks' rewards system that data will influence the search results to more closely match your search criteria - the more recognition a Virtual Assistant can earn in our reward system, the more likely you are to find them.
This is a unique system to Be My VA, and won't be found in any of the other on-line VA directories that should help you choose the Virtual Assistant that is more specifically for you and your business needs.

If you have not worked with a Virtual Assistant previously, or you need some help with what to do next, check out our many articles and free information on how to find the best Virtual Assistant and working arrangements for you.

Once you locate a Virtual Assistant that matches your business requirements simply just get in touch with them and ask them to Be My VA!

As you would with any supplier you should follow regular business disciplines to clearly agree terms of business, fee rates and payment terms before starting work with your Virtual Assistant.

Getting the best out of the Be My VA Directory - Virtual Assistants, VAs, Virtual PAs

Quite importantly our Search Engine Optimisation is second to none, which simply means you will be found quicker and more easily on the web.
From the extensive research that we have undertaken it is built with both Business users and Virtual Assistants, in mind. Be My VA is a free directory for Business users, and we aim to bring more business opportunities to VAs.

Virtual Assistants - feel free to register, join in with the discussions on the forums, read the great articles, ask a question to our panel of experts, check out the latest news in business and the VA industry, or simply contact and network with the world's leading Virtual Assistants.
Privacy Policy
Be My VA Directory Virtual Assistant members can decide what business and private contact information is displayed to this web site's visitors.
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