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Featured VA - Emily Cooper - The Admin Assistant, Sydney, Australia

Featured VA - Emily Cooper - The Admin Assistant, Sydney, Australia

Featured VA – Emily Cooper – The Admin Assistant, Sydney, Australia

As a motivated, goal-orientated and thorough individual, Emily Cooper was born with a passion for administration and organisation. Emily created The Admin Assistant to serve those requiring professional assistance and support in their day-to-day business.

She has over 6 years experience working in various high pressure office environments, giving her a strong work ethic as well as the knowledge and skills to drive productivity. Emily knows the importance of smooth-running business operations and an efficient office environment. She always maintains high standards, upholding outstanding documentation skills with excellent attention to detail.

By thoroughly understanding your business and recognising when a high level of professionalism is required, The Admin Assistant is in an ideal position to better your operations and fulfil your expectations. Working with current and emerging technologies, The Admin Assistant provides a whole suite of services that can improve your business.

By utilising a Virtual Assistant, you reduce the need for large investment in office overheads and staff. Outsourcing services to The Admin Assistant is therefore not only cost-effective, but also more efficient by remotely streamlining your operations. So now you can focus on what matters most! In addition, The Admin Assistant is committed to ensuring our mutual carbon footprint is minimal by running a paperless office. Whether your task is complex and challenging or simple and straightforward, The Admin Assistant is dedicated to supporting you through a clear and easy engagement process. Let us work hard to achieve the best results, and help you to work smarter, not harder.

Emily’s BeMyVA profile can be seen here:

The Admin Assistant web site:


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