Featured Virtual Assistant – Jade Pluck of Virtually Anywhere, Kent, UK

Date: 21-Nov-2014 12:00

Featured Virtual Assistant – Jade Pluck of Virtually Anywhere, Kent, UK

Kent based Virtual Assistant, Jade Pluck of Virtually Anywhere, was thrilled to learn she is one of the top 100 business mums.  Jade was the winner of the ‘Business support and virtual aid’ category of the MumsClub ‘Business Mum Awards 2012’, having been nominated by two of her clients.

Passionate about making businesses run more efficiently, and with almost 10 years’ experience working as a PA to senior executives, Jade launched Virtually Anywhere in April 2010. Since launching, Jade has worked with a wide range of clients based in Kent and the surrounding areas. She connects with potential customers through her great social media presence, along with more traditional networking and attendance at industry-specific conferences.

Virtually Anywhere works with clients across any industry and assists them with services such as:

·         Social media content creation and implementation, profile creation and training

·         LinkedIn management

·         Newsletter creation

·         Event organising

·         General business support.

One of the unique advantages about engaging Virtually Anywhere is Jade’s far-reaching network. Working with a diverse team, Jade can provide her clients with many additional services, such as e-book formatting, copy typing, HTML creation, website creation, call handling and much more.

Jade is very well known on social sites for her willingness to help and for giving fantastic quality content. In addition, she writes a monthly newsletter and blog which has received praise from readers for its informative subject matter.

Since starting the business, Jade has also been a finalist in the Cambridge Business Mums awards 2012 (Best Start-up category) and has also been asked to talk on social media topics at various networking groups in Kent.

Jade’s BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/386/Jade-Pluck

Virtually Anywhere web site: www.virtually-anywhere.co.uk

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