Featured VA – Rebekah of Rebekah Harriman, Shropshire, UK

Date: 26-Jan-2018 12:00

Featured VA – Rebekah of Rebekah Harriman, Shropshire, UK

My name is Rebekah Harriman and I want to give people the know-how, the inspiration and the confidence to make social media really work for their business. Make sure they are on the platforms that work for them and that their clients are actually on, know what to talk about when they are there!

I am a social media manager, coach and trainer with a background in both Fine Art and as a PA. Having worked in a research centre at the intersection of e-science and the arts I learned about blogging before it exploded onto the internet and social media as a mass form of communication before it became cool. It also taught me about virtual teams who pulled together from different locations round the world to work on the same project. Another boss, who was a professional networker, led me to the realization that being good at talking to people and making connections is a valid job that I can actually earn money at doing!

All these experiences led me to setting up my own company that combined my love of creative flair, my business knowledge and my ability to communicate. Supporting, coaching and training other small businesses combines my passions with my practical side in helping them thrive and demystifying what social media is for them.

I work with people who don’t wear a suit to work everyday, because it’s more fun and in my knowledge area. They may also describe themselves as alternative, informal (although that still means serious about business, think Google or Innocent) and creative. Someone who still needs to measure their success against the time they spend on social media but not necessarily in terms of ROI charts and committee meetings. Basically we tend to get along really well if there is a hint of creative crazy about them as well!!

Rebekah’s BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/1055/Rebekah-Harriman

Business web site for Virtual Assistant Practice: http://Rebekah-Harriman.com


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