Featured VA - Ghislayne Perez-Barker of The Star PA, London, UK

Date: 18-Dec-2015 12:00

Featured Virtual Assistant - Ghislayne Perez-Barker of The Star PA, London, UK

Ghislayne is a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) VA. She set up The Star PA in London, in April 2009 after having worked with clients and suppliers in the UK and Spanish speaking markets as well as having involvement with interactive culture exchanges.

The Star PA takes on versatile support allowing clients with more time for their core businesses offloading those time consuming jobs and adding a unique value by providing bi-lingual VA services in English and Spanish. The Star PA specialises in online marketing and social media management as well as providing tailored administrative support.

She is currently also working on the follow up of "The First Virtual Assistance Workshop in Venezuela" held in January 2013, running the "Venezuelan Virtual Assistants" Facebook group as well as supporting aspiring Spanish speaking VA's based worldwide.  

Apart for supporting people by sharing her knowledge and experience she would like to expand her business internationally and provide her clients with assistance in different countries and languages at a local VA rate.

Ghislayne's BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/113/Ghislayne-Perez-Barker

The Star PA web site: www.thestarpa.com

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