Featured VA - Deborah Gilkes of dgvirtualAssistant, London UK

Date: 29-Jan-2018 12:00

Featured Virtual Assistant - Deborah Gilkes of dgvirtualAssistant, London, UK

Deborah is a professional and experienced Personal Assistant working as a Virtual Assistant. With over 10 years of experience working for directors and executives in Blue Chip companies such as Oracle and Symantec, as well as working within smaller companies and management positions within the retail sector. As a Virtual assistant, Deborah brings this PA experience and much more to your business.

Professional Career

Deborah has worked as a Personal Assistant for over ten years. After studying Business at college, her career moved into management, where she was involved in the launch of the "West Cornwall Pasty Company" as the Retail manager- now a national chain: training and developing staff and ensuring brand and product consistency between stores as they opened. After 8 years of consistent growth, Deborah decided it was time for a change and left the company to work as a specialist personal assistant.

Over the next five years Deborah developed her skill set working for companies within administrative, management and PA roles, from helping out smaller companies on a job contract basis, to longer term contracts with larger companies such as Oracle and Symantec where she worked as a Director level Personal Assistant.

Virtual Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant, Deborah is available to help your company today. Whatever the size of your organisation, from the self employed "one man bands" and SMEs to multi-national corporations, there are always tasks that would be better outsourced. From a few hours a month to full time term contracts, Deborah can assist you and your company to become more efficient, and more focused on the day to day development, without the distraction of administrative tasks.

If you feel that your business could benefit from Deborah's experience then please contact her today. As a virtual assistant, Deborah can complement the skillsets already present within your organisation and free up your time to get on with the things that you are good at. Stop spending your time with administative tasks such as transcriptions, bookkeeping, filing, creating or maintaining spreadsheets, use your time in the way that it is most valuable to your company and ultimately your wallet.

Deborah's BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/407/Deborah-Gilkes

Business web site for dgvirtualAssistant: www.dgvirtualassistant.co.uk

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