Featured VA - Mary Tomasso of Virtual & Co, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date: 22-Jan-2018 12:00

Featured Virtual Assistant - Mary Tomasso of Virtual & Co., Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mary Tomasso is an Italian Certified Virtual Assistant and translator. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and also speaks French and Portuguese. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she has settled her Virtual Assistance business: Virtual & Co.

Mary is also one of the first Virtual Assistants in the Italian Market, where she is about to launch the first training course for Virtual Assistants in Italian.

She is a certified Internet Marketing Specialist; she is presently training to become a Certified Virtual Events Specialist and has a training in Video Marketing and Facebook pages creation.

Mary has lived and worked in several countries, such as Italy, England, Spain, and Argentina, working as an Executive Assistant in public and private companies, as a Translator and Interpreter and as Guest Relations Manager in five star hotels.

With over 15 years of work experience, and having worked in such diverse areas, she has gained a deep knowledge of the Executive Assistance, Customer Care and Office Management areas.

She has created Virtual & Co. in order to provide global services to professionals, entrepreneurs and companies and help them create a consistent online presence and optimize all their Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing efforts.

Virtual & Co.’s clients are mainly online entrepreneurs and professionals, coaches, and small and medium companies located in South America and Europe.

To these clients, Virtual & Co. offers a wide range of services, from Executive Assistance services to Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing services.

Virtual & Co.’s main goal is to make their clients’ life easier, by taking care of all of those activities that are time consuming and are keeping their clients from fully dedicating to their own business.

Mary’s motto is Steve Jobs’ famous quote: “Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower”. She finds in Steve Jobs an inspiration for her business and the management of her and her clients’ activities. Innovation and attention to details represent a differentiating factor for Virtual & Co., aiming at providing services to their clients in a very accurate way and with a great attention to details.

Every person and every business are different, that’s why Virtual & Co. provides customized services that allow clients to find the right solution for them.

Mary's BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/468/Mary-Tomasso

Business web site for Virtual and Co: www.virtualandco.net

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