Featured VA - Melanie Ammerman - VaVaVirtual.com, California, USA

Date: 05-Feb-2018 12:00

Featured Virtual Assistant - Melanie Ammerman - VaVaVirtual.com, California, USA

VaVa Virtual Assistants provides administrative services and support via email, web and telephone communication.  Using a virtual assistant can save you time and money; no payroll taxes or employee benefits to pay, no office space or equipment costs, and minimal training expenses. 

From our office in Southern California, we use our own equipment, knowledge and skills to serve clients that are located nationwide. Anyone can use us, no matter your profession or location. Our clients range from busy individuals within the general public to corporate executives from new up and coming businesses, mature well-established companies and everywhere in between.  Our experienced and well-trained team of professionals offers exceptional performance and expertise for administrative duties, allowing us to take on either a select few assignments or a plethora of tasks throughout each day. 

At VaVa, we believe no project is too large or too small so whether our clients request our services for temporary or long-term assistance, our specialists complete each assignment with precision and professionalism. Ultimately, our job is to make your job easier and with VaVa, you can count on us to do just that.

VaVaVirtual.com is run by Melanie and her partner Lauren Gall.

Melanie's BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2448/Melanie-Ammerman

Lauren's BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2449/Lauren-Gall

Link to the VaVaVirtual.com web site: www.VaVaVirtual.com

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