Featured VA - Katey Lawson - The Dental VA, Hertfordshire, UK

Date: 27-Jan-2016 12:00

Featured Virtual Assistant - Katey Lawson RDN - Founder, The Dental VA, Herts, UK

Katey Lawson is the founder of The Dental VA, which provides short and long-term administrative support and solutions to all businesses in the dental industry.

I moved into dentistry from an administration background with a business qualification. As dental nursing had been something that I’d considered from a young age, I decided to move to a small independently run dental practice in Hertfordshire. I was launched into Practice Management very quickly after I qualified as a dental nurse and gained numerous skills in marketing, management, patient liaison, implementation of HTM-01-05 and CQC as well as learning to become an expert user of Exact, a specialist dental software specifically developed for Dental Practices in the UK.

I have a keen eye for perfection and have always wanted to own my own business, so I set up The Dental VA to assist dental businesses with administration and PA support. I am a massive fan of social media and events co-ordination, and as I am still a registered dental nurse, I keep abreast of all the changes in dentistry by keeping up to date with my CPD.

I set up The Dental VA to make the personal and practice life of business owners less stressful and that little bit easier, but the big plus for the owner is that I am only paid for the hours I work and they can delegate all of the time-consuming administrative tasks that they either don’t have time to do themselves, or that they don’t have the full-time staff for.

Services offered:

Virtual Dental Reception

Personal Assistance

Social media management

Events co-ordination

Compliance assistance


Katey Lawson's BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2536/Katey-Lawson

The business web site for The Dental VA: www.thedentalva.co.uk

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